The appearance of facial wrinkles and lines can be improved immensely with the correct skincare regime. However, where overactive muscle activity is significantly contributing to the creation of lines, medical grade relaxants can be used to temporarily moderate muscle activity. The muscles groups on the forehead, jawline, mouth, cheeks, neck and around the eyes can all be carefully and artistically targeted for a smoother, younger, more refreshed appearance.

Dermal fillers are useful to cosmetically enhance areas that may lack volume or definition, such as lips, cheeks and hollows under the eyes. Less is more when it comes to fillers, and with a skilled hand the results can be beautifully natural. Both treatments allow you to return to your normal activities with little to no downtime, at a fraction of the cost or risk of a surgical procedure.

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Monica Sternalski – Cosmetic Injector

Cosmetic Doctor

Phone: (03) 9717 1194
Email: [email protected]

Monica is a qualified nurse who has over 20 years experience in treating skin conditions and aesthetics.

Monica worked intensely within the beauty and cosmetic industry, then embarked on teaching, before turning her hand to Nursing. Nursing has allowed Monica to integrate the discipline of medicine with a love of facial aesthetics. Monica will work with a client to develop a holistic treatment plan that will be customized to their natural identity. The intension is always to leave a person feeling positive about themselves. Finding the inner-self and celebrating what it is that YOU would like to be.

Monica also treats conditions such as excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis), teeth grinding (Bruxism) and also assists with relieving migraines.

  • More than 20 years experience

  • Professional nursing career

  • Discreet consultation within a safe environment

  • Holistic approach to each treatment